Sex and Nudity Edit

The Abby, The Control Freak, His Wife and Her Lover is considered to be the most naughtiest movie. These scenes are erotic and "loving".

Abby and Dave are shown finishing up some act - no nudity.

Microsoft Mike is stripped nude, and his penis is seen.

A penis is seen on Harvey Zilth's dead body.

Microsoft Anna talks about what she saw when she caught Beulah and Scotty having rough sex. Very naughty detail.

General crass sexual overtones - Guy grabs LH Michelle's breasts and talks about her sexuality frequently, sexual acts are extremely common.

Scotty has rough sex with Beulah in a car. No nudity is shown but it is still the naughtiest scene. The scene lasts for several seconds and Beulah and Scotty are heard moaning.

Like this is a parody of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, this is probably intentional.

Violence and Gore Edit


A semi-short scene of Guy who is shown having a few paper pages shoved down his throat by She-Devil. Blood is seen covering his mouth, muzzle, throat, and collars of his shirt.

Microsoft Sam stabs Beulah's cheek with a fork once in a fit of blind rage. The impact isn't really shown, but we see Scotty try to help her get the fork out.

Microsoft Sam recklessly hits Abby offscreen. We hear an extremely loud scream from Abby and then see Abby on the ground severely injured. Blood is seen covering her mouth, her shirt, throat and muzzle from where Microsoft Sam hit her. Dave calls 911 a few seconds later. WARNING: Scene is extremely loud which will permanently damage your audio equipment. If you are prone to tetanus, skip to the scene where Dave calls 911 a few seconds after Abby's loud screaming.

Microsoft Mike is stripped, beaten on the upperbody for a few seconds, and then has a plate smashed over his head. Microsoft Mary calls 911. Very naughty scene.

Abby is seen on her bed with blood still on her when she got hit recklessly by Microsoft Sam.

Abby is force-fed Lifebuoy by She-Devil and she supposedly feels nauseous constantly. We see it from a long enough distance to not know what's going on. She does yell out briefly.

Sidney's dead body is seen with blood around the upper mouth area and on the throat.

Hank is killed by a gunshot to the head. The impact is not seen.

Jimmy's dead body is seen.