Sex and Nudity Edit


Scotty and Beulah are seen kissing on occasion in a few episodes.

The Devil and She Devil ( sometimes Angry P-Head and Two Headed P-Head and Red NYET ) relieve themselves all over the staff but that act is censored.

In one episode, Harvey Zilth says "beaver", obviously making a sexual joke about Microsoft Mary.

Violence and Gore Edit

Little to no violence. Microsoft Sam is seen mistreating Scotty ( Shield Guy until Episode 29 ). In Microsoft Sam Goes Wild, Microsoft Sam molests Scotty by bludgeoning him with a hammer and Microsoft Anna gets her payback for it. In Hostages, the one where Scotty is seen sitting at gun point by Microsoft Sam. In Color Me Looney, She-Devil knocks out Abby with the same laser eye powers that Microsoft Anna had. She-Devil does it to Abby again in Hostages, The Madness Continues and War of Logos. Guy dies in War of Logos. There is a bomb montage if Abby sneezes or someone throw tantrums and more importantly, if She-Devil knocks someone out. Scotty and Beulah are knocked out in War of Logos as well as Microsoft Anna. Sometimes, innocent minds might think that the characters got beheaded when their head exploded in tantrums. In Golden Gaffes ( or, Microsoft Sam, the Control Freak ), Microsoft Sam mistreats everyone and everyone was punished for doing the right thing and Microsoft Sam was rewarded for throwing everyone out. In every episode, someone gets kicked in the crotch.

Profanity Edit

Microsoft Sam calls people names sometimes names that are bad words like "milf", "bitch", "asswipe", "bimbo", "dime-a-dozen bum" and "fatso". In Golden Gaffes ( or, Microsoft Sam, the Control Freak ), Beulah does the right thing by calling Microsoft Sam a "bastard" but was thrown out for it. Angry P-Head and Two Headed P-Head calls Microsoft Anna a "harlot". The word "bimbo" was also used by She-Devil. Microsoft Sam says "Fuck you" to his boss and usually gets his mouth washed out as seen in Harvey Zilth. In "Brothers and Shields", Mr. Warner and Beulah washes Microsoft Sam's mouth out with Lifebuoy for saying "bullshit" to Mr. Warner and threatening Beulah to divorce Scotty or he will kill the both of them. People call Microsoft Sam a "control freak" which is an actual fact. Some episodes contains sexual jokes about Microsoft Mary.

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Frightening/Intense Scenes Edit

This might be more appropriate for people at 12 year old ages if they can handle it.