This is the parents guide for July Ravine.

Sex and NudityEdit


Foxxy Love downloads nude photos of herself onto Xandir's tablet to get him in deep shit for it. 

A shot of Foxxy Love's bosom is shown when Xandir shows his mum the inappropriate photos.

Princess Clara often walks around the Drawn Together house naked. Her breasts and genitals are seen.

Spanky Ham urines on the couch.

There is a scene considered to be the movie's most inappropriate scene that can be seen on the original VHS release. The scene in question is Foxxy Love taking her clothes off for Captain Hero. The scene was excluded on both the VHS re-issues and the DVD releases, respectively. The original VHS release is now very rare and cannot be found anymore.

Characters from Drawn Together are seen nude. 

Violence and GoreEdit


A group of Nazis try to blow up the Drawn Together house.

Foxxy Love stated that Spanky Ham had killed a bunch of random residents in the Drawn Together universe.

Foxxy Love gets injured by the Nazis. However, she is seen alive and well afterwards.



Uses of "fuck," "shit," "apeshit," "wanker," "c**t," "bitch," "prick," "douche," "dick," and other profanities. 

Insults consist of "idiot," "stupid," and other really rude insults.

The movie is known for its really racist language too.



Merely none.

Frightening and Intense ScenesEdit


The film on a whole is very inappropriate and disturbing. 


Suitable for 16+.