This is a parental guide for Jessica Lane's Remakes of Oh Shiitake Mushrooms' Videos.

Sex and Nudity Edit

Despite the swearing, there isn't anything that wrong besides shirtless men, which are shown in kids films as a extreme rarity.

Clopin Junior Turns Off The Light On While His Dad Is In The Shower: Clopin Junior goes inside the bathroom while his father is in the shower (we don't see Clopin as his son closes the door before we see anything). After a brief second, Clopin busts down the door in anger (the door is still on the wall due to GoAnimate logic), he is seen shirtless for a brief minute while he is scolding Clopin Junior for the aforementioned prank he did to him earlier and tells him to turn off the camera.

Clopin Junior Pees On His Dad's Bed: Clopin Junior pees on his dad Clopin's bed after he told him to get off his computer. Some viewers may be grossed out by this, but we don't seen Clopin Junior pee on the bed, only the urine. Same goes for Clopin Junior Pees On Clopinleene's Bed, Clopin Junior Pees on Public Playground, and Clopinleene Pees On Clopin Junior's Bed For Revenge. Also at the beginning, he says it is a nice spring day because "trees are starting to bloom, all the plants are starting to bloom, it's warming up, Quasimodo and Esmeralda are having sex. I love this time of year."

Hazel Loses New GypsyBox to Aunt Christina After She Buys It With Her Mum's Credit Card: Savannah (Hazel's mum) gets angry at her daughter after Hazel puts something rather incest (which reads "Takes off Esmeralda's top) and inappropriate on the license plate for her car in the game Forza Horizon 3. The viewer doesn't notice it unless they pause it and looks real close.