Sex and Nudity Edit

In the episode "The Lover", a MMM ( GASS ) character Purple goes completely naked. In one scene, the quote "Shit that your damn oppertunities and no." is similiar to Purple and her lover's love scene. In the episode "Seduce Me", Purple is seen with an unbuttoned shirt on but no nudity. But then later on, she can be seen with the shirt on and a glance of her breasts. Then her lover and Purple are seen having intense sex. Then her lover and Purple can be seen having sex in bed with Purple's shirt still unbuttoned. In "Age of Consent", there are 4 sex scenes including the longest one but Purple doesn't go naked. ( More to be added )

Violence: Edit

Very little. In the first episode, there was a train incident and accident.

Foul Language: Edit

Shit and sex is used in the 2nd episode. Then the word bitch is used as well in the 3rd episode. A ton of foul language. Damn is also used in the 2nd episode. There is a high use of the word fuck.

Weapon Reference: Edit

In "The Lover", Purple talks about a gun she put in between her legs.

References: Edit

  1. Train Wreck- The 2015 film.
  2. The Lover- Love is a many betrayed Thing
  3. Seduce Me-a ton of episodes of Satisfaction ( 2007 )
  4. Something Else-Sliver
  5. The Charity-A ton of episodes of The Bridge ( FX TV Series )
  6. Age of Consent-The 1969 Film

( more to be added )

Overall ratings: Edit

The TV Show is best viewed for people under 15 and over.